Many Mini Residency Application

Many Mini Residency will be held during the first week of July at The Berlin Office, located in the Kreuzberg/Neukölln district of Berlin. Many Mini Residency is a one-room residency that is open to applicants from all disciplines (art and non-art alike) and encourages participants to customize their residency experience. There is no minimum time-limit for your stay at the residency but the maximum stay allows you to use this space for half a day.

The space may be used for public programs, personal studio time, a rehearsal space, a dinner, a place to rest, or whatever you see fit ...culminating in a 168 hour, one-week online exhibition that will be documented and continually updated on the project's website.

About The Berlin Office
The Berlin Office is an apartment in Kreuzberg/NeuKölln, a vibrant area of Berlin. The Berlin Office is a two-room apartment with shared kitchen and bath. Among other things, The Berlin Office is a workplace that offers the possibility for artists to work in peace. It also enables the members and other visiting artists to extend their network and meet international and local artists while working in Berlin. Please see the "Location" page for more information.

We will be accepting applications until all slots are filled.

Residency Timetable:
Tuesday, July 1st to Monday, July 7th
00:00 to 24:00 each day

To apply for a Many Mini Residency please submit by email the following information:


Proposed length of residency:

Brief description of your proposed residency:

Preferred date(s)/time(s) of residency: (see "Schedule" for available slots)

Please look over the "Location" section for important residency guidelines before submitting your application.

If accepted to the Many Mini Residency, each participant will be asked to contribute a short bio for the website, provide residency documentation (such as a digital photo or video) and a short statement about how their time was spent at the residency for the project archive.