The Berlin Office

photo by: Jen Delos Reyes

About The Berlin Office
The Berlin Office is an apartment in Kreuzberg/NeuKölln, a vibrant area of Berlin. The Berlin Office was founded in September 2006 and functions as a shared apartment for 6 visual artists from Denmark. The members have conceptual-based practices and generally work in the fields of video, relational aesthetics, and installation.

The Berlin Office is a two-room apartment with shared kitchen and bath. The main room is for a longer-term tenant. This is where the organizers of this project will be staying.

The second room (pictured above) is for The Berlin Office members and other invited artists and colleagues from all over the world. This room is where the Many Mini Residency will take place. The room measures 5.5m x 3m (or ~ 18' x 10') and the walls are 3m (or ~10') high.

Among other things, The Berlin Office is a workplace that offers the possibility for artists to work in peace. It also enables the members and other visiting artists to extend their network and meet international and local artists while working in Berlin.

The Berlin Office: Line Sandvad Mengers, Cecilia De Jong, Kari-Mette Josefsen, Jacob Borges, Karen Petersen & Heidi Hove Pedersen.


The Berlin Office is non-profit, artist-run space. It is also a two-room apartment with shared kitchen and bath.The Berlin Office is an unique situation, and exciting opportunity, which requires some special considerations. Please read over the following 'rules' before submitting your application and let us know if you have any questions.

All participants must respect the following: .

You will receive the Berlin Office in a clean condition – so please, leave it in the same condition after your stay. That means the kitchen, bath and your room must be cleaned; that includes vacuum cleaning, wiping off all surfaces, washing the floors, taking out the trash etc. as needed. There is a vacuum cleaner, broom, swab and cleaning supplies in the closet next to the window in the kitchen. Also, the trash has to go in the big containers in the backyard.

• It is strictly forbidden to paint on the walls and the floor in the apartment.

• It is possible to arrange public symposiums, seminars, exhibitions, screenings etc. in The Berlin Office, but only if they are part of your original application proposal. No spontaneous public events!

• Concerning public events in the apartment, you’re only allowed to post the event on the Internet. It is strictly forbidden to put any announcements in the stairway or the front of the building.

• All activity has to stay in the apartment – you cannot use the stairway, sidewalk etc.

• Please, respect that The Berlin Office is placed in a residential area. We don’t want complaints from the landlord or the neighbors because of noise etc. Therefore, it is important not to saw, drill or play loud music after 9 pm.

• The Berlin Office does have a few pieces of furniture (bed, table, chair) available as needed. Please respect the furniture as you would the rest of the room.

• Officially, there are two persons living in the apartment permanently – and that illusion has to be kept that way...or else, The Berlin Office will cease to exist.