Many Mini Residency: Copenhagen


Susanna de Vita

A toilet is a toilet is a toilet. Knowing that Koh-i-noor lacks of a toilet, that essential element of human civilization, I proposed to Many Mini Residencies to build a pliable toilet in paper for […]

Jan, 14

Mette Juul

Photo/Memory Exchange The pictures were taken in the USA by me, Mette Juul. Guests were asked to look through the photographs and if any of them trigger a memory then the picture is yours. What […]

Jan, 14

Nanna Lysholt-Hansen

The first 2 1/2 hours of my residency I used Koh-i-noor as a private studio space where I worked with cameras in the space behind drawn curtain and a locked door. Just before my residency ended […]

Jan, 14

Line Sandvad Mengers and Karen Petersen

BHWq Consult was open for 4 hours – our first consultancy lasted for around 40 minutes, where the person who came by for advice started by describing the subject for which he wished consultancy. The […]

Jan, 14

USAG (Urban Sonic Activator Group)

Polypulses: On the Urban Flow Filtering Space and Reality USAG’s (Urban Sonic Activator Group; feat. Eva Sjuve and Ola Nilsson) residence was spent experimenting with two sources of sonic sources and combining these two into a […]

Jan, 14

Anders Hellsten Nissen

Square Somewhere Using the Koh-i-noor Many Mini Residency space as a base camp for ‘mini’ expeditions in three neighboring parks, I used a metal detector to explore a defined area of 10 X 10m in […]

Jan, 13

Timothy Citizen and Laurence Innes

As part of the Many Mini project we created a shadow puppet of a hyena. The puppet was concieved and built in the gallery and then released into the streets of Vesterbro. All were welcome […]

Jan, 13


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