Many Mini Residency: Copenhagen

Mette Borup

Beauty Question of the month My residency was first of all an exhibition of the series of prints I’m currently working on, but also an open studio where visitors had the chance to follow the […]

Jan, 12 · in Residencies

Our Sounding Flesh

SIng it Baby! Art & Culture: Luxury or Necessity? Once presented to the world, something always seems to happen to one´s ideas: They get tested. My Many Mini Residency was no different that way. Once […]

Jan, 12 · in Residencies

Rikke Hyldahl and Rikke Winther

Paper, Pen Pal was an experimental process between the two artists. Based on paperworks we were alternately challenged to comment on each other’s works, with works. The process was focused on a field of tension […]

Jan, 11

Anne Mølleskov

I spent the residency trying to squeeze my own homemade tent into the project space and make myself a(t) home. The tent, called House of WildWoodWoman, functions as a mobile forest cabin as well as […]

Jan, 11

Sine Louise Møller Jepsen and Frederikke Jul Vedelsby

Marvin Mann and Marcel Moon met 4-10 am Wedensday, to discuss and visualize their future travels. They will travel in the shadow of the mysterious character “Double Blanc” a friend, a nun that reciently passed away. […]

Jan, 11

The Hour

Projector Dub 5 slide projectors, 400 slides,1 microphone,1 delay pedal, 1 guitar amplifier, 2 projector stands As snowy mountains move through the corridors of Cumbernauld, a woman’s 40th birthday is taking place, in the Grand […]

Jan, 10

June Woest

A Texas Twitter began in a thrift store, if the start of anything these days is determinable. Blue is how I picture Copenhagen and I don’t know exactly why.  I’ve never been there, but my […]

Jan, 10
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