Many Mini Residency: Copenhagen


Esther Bjerregaard-Mathiesen (born 1988, Haderslev, Denmark) currently studies at VERA in Copenhagen. In 2009, she put together the flipbook “Ode to O,” (a tribute to Karen Orzolek of YYYs) published by Twelvepress, Japan and in 2010 contributed with monster drawing to The Second Party Summer Show, Beaver Projects Art Gallery, Copenhagen.

Gitte Bog is a Danish artist, who lives and works in Mexico City. She obtained her degrees in Visual Arts in London, where she lived for more than ten years. She has been awarded several residencies and commissions and her work has been shown in Europe and the Americas. Her work is site and context responsive and often depends on the participation of other people. Dedicated to social art practice, she is the co-founder of two organisations in Mexico City, which offers local communities free art workshops and other cultural activities.

Julie Clifforth (born 1984, Copenhagen) currently lives and works in Bergen, Norway and Copenhagen, Denmark and is currently attending Bergen National Academy of the Arts.

Sasha Dela, originally from Atlanta, currently resides in Houston, Texas. Dela completed a residency at the Museum of Fine Arts’ Core Program in 2007. She received her Master of Fine Art in San Francisco at California College of the Arts in 2005, and her Bachelor of Fine Art at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in 2000, and was awarded the DeCosse Fellowship, to study at the Accademia Di Belle Arte, Florence, Italy in 2000. Dela is Regional Editor for the Temporary Art Review, St Louis, and writes reviews and conducts interviews published in Fluent Collaborative/Might Be Good Austin, and Glasstire, Houston. Sasha Dela is the co-founder and co-director of SKYDIVE, an art space hosting a range of art practices that push the limits of their material forms.

Susanna de Vita (born in Rome, Italy) received her Diploma in Fine Arts from the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich, Germany in 2008 and Master of Fine Arts in Glass Sculpture from Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY, USA with a Fulbright Scholarship in 1998. Since 1993, she has participated in several group exhibitions in England, the USA, Germany, Italy, Japan, Hungary and Turkey.

Morten Espersen (born 1978) is a visual artist and writer with an MA in Art Theory and Communication. He lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The Hour is a collaboration between artist Kristina Bengtsson (SE) and Kevin Malcolm (UK).
Both were educated at Glasgow School of Art and live and work in Copenhagen.

Timothy Citizen is an english artist based in Copenhagen. Laurence Innes is an english puppeteer based in London. This will be the first time they have worked together on a puppet.

Interimagineer graduated with a degree in Fine Art Contemporary Media from University of Wales, Newport in 2008 and has been living in Copenhagen since 2009.  The use of medium is important to her practice, specifically digital video, projections and photography in both the creation and presentation of the work. The works created through a process of reshooting, projecting, reprojecting and layering, blending and breaking down the imagery. Interchangeibility of both her tools and her subject tie the works together; the natural world and the body, still and moving image, the human body as both subject and canvas; nothing is set or concrete.

Christin Johansson graduated from the Glas and Ceramic school in Bornholm (2002) and lives and works in Kunsthøjskolen I Holbæk, Denmark.

Mette Juul is a visual artist based in Copenhagen. Her work is photography based and often concerned with matters of memory and narrative. Most of her resent work was made in America and the stories and myths of the American Midwest is a core subject.

Mette Borup Kristensen lives and works in Copenhagen. She attended the Academy of Fine Arts of Florence, Italy. She primarily works with printmaking, experimenting and combining different techniques, image and text. In 2009, she published the artist book, The Secret Agent. More info and images of works at:

Camilla Gjernals Levin is a student at the Funen Art Academy and lives in Odense, Denmark.

Nanna Lysholt-Hansen lives and work in Copenhagen. She graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art in June 2011. Recent shows (2011) include: Anstrøg II at Galleri Christina Wilson (Copenhagen), Fokus Video Festival at Nikolaj Contemporary Art Centre (Copenhagen), and We are Grammar, curated by Dave Beech and Paul O’Neill, at Pratt Manhattan Gallery (New York City, USA).

Line Sandvad Mengers is an interdisciplinary artist, she bases her work on ideas from the areas of conceptual and social art, working with human interaction and Christian culture. She runs bull mengers project space in Laven, Denmark where she lives and works.

Anne Mølleskov is a visual artist living and working in Copenhagen and rural Sweden. She graduated from Central St. Martin’s College of Art & Design, London (2000). She works in many kinds of media and uses art as a platform for generating new interactions and dialogues, particularly about our complex relationship to nature.

Anders Hellsten Nissen lives and works in Berlin. Currently showing at CIAC di Genazzano (Italy). See website for full bio:

Ola Nilsson (works and lives in Stockholm) works primarily with sculptural objects, sonic art, and text art. After university studies in literature and philosophy he studied at University College of Arts Crafts and Design (Konstfack) in Stockholm in the late 80´s. Ola has been exhibiting in art museums and galleries around Sweden and Europe. Currently he is at Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm studying Urban ecology and Sustainability.

Our Sounding Flesh is a professional and dedicated collective of artists from various backgrounds. Mikkel Toft is the founder of the collective. He studied musicology and art history at University of Copenhagen, exploring an interest in new ways of presenting, and thus experiencing, art and music in the public space.

Line Sandvad Mengers and Karen Petersen graduated from the Funen Art Academy in 2006. The same year they co-founded the The Berlin Office, a research platform for artists in Germany. They began their collaboration in 2004, and are interested in social structures and personal relations. Line Sandvad Mengers and Karen Petersen currently live and work in Denmark.

Eva Sjuve (lives in Malmö, works in Copenhagen) is an artist and researcher in urban technology. She works primarily with sound, performance, video and interactive mobile technology. She has been exhibiting in Europe, Asia, USA and South America since the mid 1980s and won several prestigious awards. She studied at New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program and School of Visual Arts in New York.

Internationally unknown multidisciplinary artist Emily Sloan is the founding reverend of the Southern Naptist Convention and chief caretaker and curator of The Kenmore exhibition object. Sloan is based out of Houston, Texas, and is hoping the Many Mini Residency has not spoiled her “internationally unknown” artist status. To learn more about her practice, please visit:

Mariana Viegas is an artist from Lisbon, Portugal, who lives and works in Copenhagen. She works mainly with photography and video exploring links between landscape, images, language, cultural and individual monuments, questioning how we understand these concepts and what part photography and documentation have to play in their construction.

Rikke Hyldahl and Rikke Winther began their collaboration in 2007. They share an interest in drawing and the immediate and spontaneous approach to the material. Rikke Hyldahl has a PD in aesthetics and arts and Rikke Winther graduated from The Funen Academy of Fine Art in 2006. They both currently live and work in Denmark.

June Woest lives and works in Houston, TX, where she received her M.F.A. in drawing, painting and ceramics from the University of Houston. Her social practice is inspired by her own melancholy of marketing and advertising, two pillars of capitalist principles that have systematically reduced casual and serious conversation. Her RoadsignUSA, is a large billboard that brings performative practice and social aesthetics into thoughtful discussion with area citizens.,