Many Mini Residency: Houston


About Skydive

SKYDIVE is an artist run exhibition venue unique to Houston. Its mission is to broaden the spectrum of the dialogue in Houston by bringing in artists from outside of Texas. The aim of SKYDIVE is to host a range of art practices that push the limits of their material forms, including non-traditional methods of sculpture, installation, video, performance, and works that engage the viewer through participation, as well as text and web-based projects.

SKYDIVE utilizes an open and collaborative model for producing its programming. A group of artists, curators, and other professionals function as Advisors to help create shows, invite artists, and collaborate in the mission and programming of the space. Participants in SKYDIVE will be invited to Houston for a sustained number of days, previous to the exhibition to make their work, interact with the Houston community and see the sites in Houston and surrounding areas.

Advisors: Jonathan Durham, Nancy Zastudil, Kara Hearn, Dolen Smith, Margo Handwerke, Marcus Cone, Gina Sonderegger, Jonathan Leach, John Smith, Kelly Pike, Leslie Holland, Nancy Douthey

Co-directors: Sasha Dela, Rosane Volchan O’Conor, Brian Piana

Skydive is an artist-run space. It is also a house/home with shared kitchen and bath. A Many Mini Residency at Skydive is a unique situation, and an exciting opportunity, which requires some special considerations. Please read over the following ‘rules’ before submitting your application and let us know if you have any questions.

Guidelines for Skydive designated area/studio:
We at Skydive appreciate your respect and care towards our space and ask, when you propose your residency, to please keep in mind that the Skydive house is not only a site of exhibitions, events and art making, but also a home, where people and pets live.

Please, make every effort to leave the designated area/studio in the same clean condition you receive it in.

• It is possible to arrange public symposiums, seminars, exhibitions, screenings etc. as part of your Many Mini Residency at Skydive. Please make sure to include them as part of your original application proposal.

• Skydive has a back patio/building area for construction. Please bring your own supplies, including power tools.

• Please respect that Skydive is located in a residential area and be careful to keep noise levels down in the evening.

• Skydive does have a few pieces of furniture (table, chair) available as needed. Please respect the furniture as you would the rest of the room.

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