Many Mini Residency: Houston

Darcy Rosenberger

I baked a chocolate cake infused with maca, an herbal libido enhancer, and brought it to my Many Mini Residency at Skydive. The following hour was immensely enjoyable and involved sharing, eating, smearing, licking, squishing, […]

Jul, 16 · in Residencies

Rachel Hooper

I have been researching Andy Warhol’s 1962 painting Marilyn Diptych and was interested in how Plato’s ascent to Beauty could be used to interpret the repeating images of Marilyn Monroe in the painting. I plan […]

Jul, 16 · in Residencies

Paul Middendorf

During my Many Mini I focused on several factors. I wanted to not only create a quick body of work that directly reflected the environment I was in, but to then use those pieces as […]

Jul, 16

Stephanie Saint Sanchez aka DJ ESTEFF

When I was a little kid at Bingham Elementary in the 409 (Beaumont, TX) back in the day I could have sworn I invented by destiny more-so than by dare a culinary combo/mash-up of extraordinary […]

Jul, 16

Christie Malvin

Inspired by existentialist writings, I used my time spent during my Many Mini residency to produce portraits that project feelings of alienation, anxiety, and the awkwardness that exists in everyday interactions. I invited several people […]

Jul, 15

Jonatan Lopez

Death Star: The Conference examined new apocalyptic theories such as the imminent arrival of a hypothetical dwarf star in our solar system called Nibiru, its disastrous effects in our planet and a government conspiracy plan […]

Jul, 15

Rachel Hecker

I converted the residency space into an ecumenical/non-denominational chapel for prayer, worship, meditation, and quiet reflection.  The centerpiece of the chapel was a painting of Jesus based on a photograph of Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour […]

Jul, 15
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