Many Mini Residency: Houston

Public Events

Sunday, July 10th
Zóna by Chin Xaou Ti Won
Chin Xaou Ti Won will be creating a quiet ambient soundscape using microphones placed around the house and as much percussion and synths as they can fit into the room. This soundscape will be accompanied by a small light installation.

NAP Church: Exercises for Rebel Nappers by Rev. Emily Sloan
Napping Affects Performance’s NAP Church will meet for a Sunday nap on July 10 from 1-3pm. In addition to napping, we will be discussing rebellious napping strategies. This B.Y.O.P. (Bring Your Own Pillow…and blanket, yoga mat, whatever suits you) event of “two or more gathered” to nap is open to all faiths!

Diving by Regina Vigil
One work in various forms: poetry, photography, and painting.
At 5:00pm there will be a brief artist talk on the work and an open discussion on fluidity between arts and mediums.

Pool of Tears: Alice in Libraryland by Tina McPherson
Guests are invited to participate in mindful dialogue at a community potluck dinner of how Alice’s character was challenged to retain her notion of order and assimilate into Wonderland’s nonsensical rules speaks to Libraryland, why people seek out the library, to find understanding and knowledge. Attendees are requested to leave written thoughts or any object they would like to contribute to the project. Please come with an open and questioning mind to benefit library and information awareness! You are invited to bring a dish for the potluck (whatever you would like to contribute).

Monday, July 11th

Writing Boot Camp with Margo Handwerker
Come support self-discipline! Margo will Skype in from Princeton, New Jersey as she writes up her research for the Center for Art and Cultural Policy Studies. Come make sure she’s working (but, please don’t disturb). Better yet, join her! Do you have something you’ve been meaning to write up? Bring your coffee and write in good company.

Institute for Truth and Beauty by Candace Hicks
The Institute for Truth and Beauty will be open to the public during its time in Houston. The first consultation is free on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Passing Time by Linda Post
The public is invited to participate in this live/recorded project by moving through the Skydive space, performing everyday activities, and by serving as audience for other participants as the sun sets.

Tuesday, July 12th

Trappings: Expedition One: Skydive by DumpTruck
DumpTruck will be designing, building, and setting traps, both conceptual and real. For this residency they will set several traps in the Skydive residency space to see if they can capture any of the residents of the building or visitors. No person or animal will be harmed by the trapping(s). The public is encouraged to visit during this residency.

Moby Dick or Everything I know about whales I learned from you by Mat Wolff
Wolff will be using the residency to work on a new performance piece that is in the writing stages. It is an absurd interpretation and meditation on Moby Dick and men. There will likely be reading, rehearsing, writing, singing, research, and anything else that comes up in the process. The studio is open to the public in the interest of collaboration, constructive criticism, and public participation.

Sleepover for All by Lindsey Slavin
Never made a prank call, participated in a massage train or a game of Never Have I Ever? Feel the urge to gush about that cute guy/girl you have a crush on and trust that your secret won’t leave the circle? Wear your pajamas, BYOB or alcohol of choice, and get ready for a makeover, because we’re going to be best friends after tonight.

Wednesday, July 13th

12-2 pm
Home Health Care by June Woest
Q-tips and tongue depressors will be sterilized in a mini-chocolate fondue fountain.
Bring “what ails you” if you want treated.

Afternoon Tea (Living with Art) by Karen Brasier-Young
Guests are invited to enjoy a light tea. The artist will have sweet and savory snacks available but a more specific menu is yet to be determined and likely influenced by her grocery inventory on the day preceding the event.

24 Hour Psycho Killer by Chuck Ivy
24 Hour Psycho Killer is to Stop Making Sense what Douglas Gordon’s 24 Hour Psycho was to Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. In this project I’m exploring the ultimate concert film of the 1980’s through the lens of extreme time-stretching.

Thursday, July 14th

The worst thing you can do to people is to forget them by Sketchy Neighbors
Based on the premise of celebrating an individual’s existence, this brief one hour experience promises to assault the senses one-person-at-a-time while paying homage to the viewer in an unexpected, sometimes startlingly, fashion.

A Movie with Marvin by Zarvin Mindler
Investigative performer Zarvin Mindler will host a sing-a-long and screening of The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. This movie, whose story was once a Broadway musical, is inspired by The Chicken Ranch, a long running brothel outside of LaGrange, Texas, that investigative reporter Marvin Zindler had a hand in bringing to its knees.

Friday, July 15th

An Investigation of Influence (After-Baxandall 2nd instance)
with Norberto Gomez, Jr. & the World:
A performance investigating “influence” and the arts. Performance done via Skype (beamed in from Richmond, VA to Houston, TX through the mysteries of Technology!) and open to group Skype participation (more info on how to participate coming soon). Please see list of preferable words and phrases to be expressed during the aforementioned performance here:

The Chapel by Rachel Hecker
For two hours, the residency space will be converted into an ecumenical/non-denominational chapel for prayer, worship, meditation, or quiet reflection. The centerpiece of the chapel will be a painting of Jesus based on a photograph of Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour. The Rev. Rachel Hecker has received the Credentials of Ministry from the Universal Life Church, and will perform ministerial services, as requested.

Death Star: The Conference by Jonatan Lopez
Death Star: The Conference is a performance event and research project that examines new theories of doom and their effects on society. Through a series of presentations and performance rituals, artists are invited to evaluate classified NASA information recently exposed through our social networks, and to transform it into a series of media based projects to be released prior to October 18th, 2011.
Participating artists: Eric Anthony Crew, Alex Tu, Sway Youngston, Stephanie Saint Sanchez, Levi Rosen, Julia Wallace, Raindawg, Jonatha Richie, Bryce Galbraith, James Ciosek, Jonatan Lopez.

Saturday, July 16th

DJ ESTEFF – TRIPPING THRU TEXAS by Stephanie Saint Sanchez
DJ ESTEFF brings a selection of Vinyl Records, Turntables and mixes a new SoundScape.

Breakfast Symposium with Rachel Hooper
In ancient Greece, a symposium was a drinking party where guests would share their philosophies. Come enjoy Mimosas and talk about beauty, love, desire, and my research on these topics, Plato, Andy Warhol, and anything else we are inspired to discuss.

Kiddie Pool Confessional by Ryan Perry
Brothers and sisters, there is absolution in the cool waters of The Kiddie Pool Confessional! Come lay out! Come lay your burdens down, make an apology, confess a crime, profess a love or just escape the heat and hang out in a big kiddie pool. All confessions will be anonymous. As night falls there will be a screening of Alejandro Jodorowsky’s 1973 avante garde film, “The Holy Mountain”; a surreal existential tale of a group’s quest for enlightenment and immortality. There is no judging in The Kiddie Pool Confessional. With that said, there is no peeing allowed either. This residency is open to the public. * Participation does not require swimwear, but it is encouraged.

5 x 7: A Collaborative Photo Experiment (with a mysterious theme)
Curated by Jeremy Keas.

Hear Our Houston by Carrie Schneider
Hear Our Houston is a hub of public generated audio walking tours around our city. The public is invited to Skydive July 16 5-7pm for a collaborative tour making and taking experience in the area surrounding Skydive.

Whitewashing by Matthew Manalo
The public is asked to write/paint their personal ideas, opinions, rants, raves, suggestions, thoughts, etc. about anything.

Recreational Aesthetics: PBJ and Theory for Working Artists and Those Who Want to Be
by David McClain
The public is invited to come by the space for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and (assuming they are of legal age) adult beverages. The space will be converted into a den of discussion, with questions about art and theory addressed on the level of seriousness they deserve. Come meet people, in a warm and supportive environment, who enjoy making art and talk about art making and living life as an artist. Confessions and exercises will be encouraged. You can bring your work for a group critique or just talk or listen while paging through a library of cool art books. Stay as long as you like (or until midnight).

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