Many Mini Residency: Houston


Many Mini Residency and Skydive Art Space would like to thank the following individuals and institutions for their generous support:

Institutional Sponsors
Lawndale Art Center

Individual Sponsors

In-kind Donations
Matthew Hughes Boyko
Sura Khudairi
Jim Nolan

$250 and above
Toni Beauchamp
Robert Boyd
Jim and Pat Thayer

$100 and above
Tim Hagen
Rachel Hecker
Brian Piana
Janet Phelps

$75 and above
Shelley Hagen
Chuck Ivy

$50 and above
Jenni Bedell
Cynthia Bell
Amy Blakemore
Cosign Projects
Marzia Faggin
Theresa Quintanilla
Carrie Schneider
Erica Wheelock

$25 and above
Marisa Avelar
Caleb Carter
Michelle Chen-Dubose
Molly Cumming
Sasha Dela
Rory Donaldson
Barb Goetz
Emily Green
Margo Handwerker
Nadar Islam
Andrew James
Doug Johnston
Kevin Killian
Robyn Lehmer
Matt Manalo
Lee Pembleton
Nik Putnam
Chris Rusak
Emily Sloan
Mike Smith
Jenni Stephenson
US English
Christine West
Lindsey White

$5 and above
Lily Cox-Richard
Kurt Dominick
Rachel Hooper and Jonathan Leach
Scott Howard
Katharine Kearns
Vanessa Marsh
David McClain
Laelia E. Mitchell
Linda Mosall
Jim Murray
Trinh Nguyuen
Tim Moran
Britt Ragsdale
Jamie and Inori Trant
June Woest

$1 and above
Missy Jane
Harold Taylor

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