Many Mini Residency is a collaboration
between Sarrita Hunn and Ryan Thayer
in coordination with The Berlin Office.

Special thanks to Heidi Hove Pedersen
for her tremendous assistance and
Jason Mortara for his inspirational
project,The Dream House Residency.














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Many Mini Residency
Berlin, Germany
July 1 - 7, 2008
organized by Sarrita Hunn and Ryan Thayer

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Many Mini Residency was held during the first week of July 2008 at The Berlin Office in the Kreuzberg/Neukölln district of Berlin. Many Mini Residency was a one-room residency that was open to applicants from all disciplines and encouraged participants to customize their residency experience. There was no minimum time-limit for their stay at the residency but the maximum stay allowed applicants to use this space for half a day.

Many Mini Residency was conceived as one response to an ongoing conversation about how artists organize to extend opportunities for making work and about the relationship of artists to the artwork they produce. Currently, the distinction between artist and curator, artist as curator, artist as activist, restaurant as artwork (and an endless list of other pairings), is more a matter of creating temporary alliances and strategies between people and sites rather than strategies for questioning artistic production itself. Additionally, artistic strategies for these sites have become increasingly diverse and there is unprecedented fluidity between the various roles artists inhabit as individuals, collaborators, collectives, and cooperatives. The Berlin Office, a two-room-apartment-made-project-space operated by a group of Danish artists, provided us an opportunity to explore this conversation by opening up the project space to be used by others.

The name 'Many Mini' encompasses two main components of the project. The 'Many' describes the open call for proposals and the resulting multiplicity of responses and participants. Over 7 days 24 participants from 7 countries completed 18 residencies. The group of participants provided a portrait of the current state of art(ists) in Berlin. While a handful were native to Berlin, many came from other countries and were here only for a few months...some for only a few days. The residency proposals ranged from highly choreographed to entirely spontaneous and from participatory to extremely personal. Many took this opportunity to work collaboratively for the first time and one member of a collective took the opportunity to work alone. The 'Mini' component of the residency describes the limited amount of time available and the scale of the room. Some participants defined their residencies by a scheduled block of time or divided their time up over many days. Others responded to The Berlin Office space as a site to be temporarily altered, converted to a stage or meeting point. Additionally, some participants looked beyond The Berlin Office and engaged geography in their residencies through interactions with the city of Berlin or by establishing exchanges with other cities worldwide.

All of these participants, residencies, and related public events amounted to a whirlwind week of constant production and interactivity. We have asked all the participants to provide documentation and a short statement about their time spent in the residency to serve as both a record and a resource. This information is displayed here online as the final component of this project. Please see the 'residencies' page for a timeline/catalog of the residency projects and the 'participants' page for further biographical information and website links.

-Sarrita Hunn and Ryan Thayer